AARP Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare SupplementMedicare provides a lot of cover for Americans above the age of 65. People that are disabled and those suffering from certain diseases may also enroll in this insurance policy. It is a good way to help the seniors overcome the huge cost of Medicare treatment. Notwithstanding, Medicare does not cover all the medical needs of retirees and the disabled.

What is the most popular Medicare Supplement plan? Medicare Part A covers the cost of hospital stay or inpatient treatment. It also covers the cost of the first three pints of blood used either in surgery or transfusion in a year. While Medicare Part B covers the cost of a visit to the doctor’s office or outpatient treatments. Part B also covers the cost of some medications. But the coverage does not extend to a lot of prescription medication.

Medicare, however, has co-payments as well as coinsurance. These are the part of your bill you pay from your pocket. Generally, it does not cover the following costs:

  • Deductibles of both part A and B
  • Medicare part A copay
  • Medicare part B coinsurance
  • Medicare part B extra charges
  • Eye treatment and glasses
  • Ear treatment and hearing aid devices
  • Emergency treatment and treatment in the emergency room
  • Cost of prescription drugs
  • Regular check-ups

All these costs are considered as out of pocket cost for the seniors. These out of pocket costs may be overwhelming for many, especially those that may require a long hospital stay or regular prescription drugs. That is when a Medicare Advantage Plan may be necessary.

What Is Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage plans are insurance policies that are aimed at covering the out of the pocket cost of the traditional Medicare. Advantage plans cover the deductibles of Medicare Plan A and Plan B. It also covers the cost of skilled nursing and Part B excess charges. Also included in the Medicare Advantage Plan is the cost of regular and thorough check-ups. It as well includes eye treatment and the cost of recommended eye glasses and lenses. The same thing applied to ear treatment and the cost of recommended hearing aid devices.

Medicare Advantage Plan also covers the cost of emergency treatment including the cost of ambulance ride and treatment in the emergency room. Depending on the specific option, Medicare Advantage plan may extend to the cost of prescription drugs. But Medicare does not sell an advantage plan; rather it allows private insurers to sell it.

While private insurance companies sell Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare regulates it. The advantage plans have the same basic coverage set by Medicare while the private companies are free to add more coverage and determine the cost.

Supplement Plans 2021One of the private insurance company’s selling Medicare Advantage Plans is AARP. This is a well know company in the medical insurance industry. Many people have known it for a long time. Over the years AARP has built a good name and reputation with its various policies and features. Buying Medicare Advantage policy from AARP is not only affordable but it also comes with many advantages. AARP has many coverage offers for 2021 and there is a lot of reasons you should consider them.

Benefits of AARP Medicare Advantage Plan

The following are the reasons you should buy a Medicare Advantage Plan from AARP:

AARP is well known in the industry and can be trusted.

They have many coverage options; hence it won’t be difficult to see one that will satisfy all your medical needs.

  • Its plans are affordable
  • It gives discounts
  • It has a wide network; hence a change in location will not likely affect your plan.
  • You can get an over the phone medication prescription or get a prescription drop at your doorstep
  • A good customer relation service
  • You can get a personalized exercise schedule and diet as an additional benefit
  • You can also get free membership in its gym club

When can I apply?

The best time to apply for a Medicare Advantage Plan is the month you turn 65. If you apply at exactly 65 you will get the plan you sought for irrespective of your medical condition. You will also get the best deal. There is a window for application every year. The window always opens on the 15th of October and closes on the 7th of December. Enrolling within that time will guarantee a good deal.

Cost of Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare advantage plan is not expensive. You can get plans which premiums are as low as $150 in a month and at worse $300 a month. These premiums usually reduce with time. With some companies, the premium may go down to even $0. Many insurers also offer annual premiums. The once a year payment may be huge at the first time of paying it. However, it will certainly be cheaper than the monthly premium when you calculate it. Hence you can save by subscribing to annual payment rather than a monthly payment.

Some companies also offer policies that will ensure you no longer need to pay annual deductibles. This will significantly reduce your overall cost.

Because of the variation in the offers of the different private insurers, it is very important to make a comparison. Before buying Medicare Advantage Plan, make sure that you compare the offers from the different insurers and the cost of the offers. The cost comparative tools available on this website will assist you to make accurate comparisons.

Also, make sure that the Advantage plan that you are want to buy is what you need. You must consider your particular need against the offer in each of the available options. That is the reason you need info about services included in the options offered by the different private insurers. Our website also contains all the info you may need from different Medicare Advantage Plan providers. This will save you the effort of visiting each of the companies or calling them on the phone.

Why are we here?

Supplemental MedicareOne of the major aims of this website is to ensure we assist you in making the decision that is best for your particular need. We have all the info you may need about Medicare Advantage plan 2021. Therefore, do not hesitate to use our tools and info for your medical advantage.

As the cost of Medicare Advantage Plans is changing from time to time, our website is updating the information. Therefore, you can rely on us for up to date info. After using our tools for cost comparison, we hope you get the satisfaction you desire. However, if you see have issues in deciding the insurance policy to buy, our staff will be willing to render assistance. That is the reason we are here.